Large-scaleoil tank

bwg series chocolate storage tank manufacturer


Translate this page2013623710() ,, [DOC] · Web viewMerchandise exports by these affiliates were US$97 billion and imports US$160 billion in 2005. Foreign-owned manufacturing firms had 14% more value added and plant sizes five times larger than U.S. manufacturers, on average. They paid 14% higher wages, and had 50% greater output per worker than the average comparable U.S.-owned manufacturer. [DOC] · Web viewTable 3.41 Major procurement suppliers, 2010-14 110. Table 3.42 Appeals to the Public Procurement Authority, 2010-14 111. Table 3.43 IP statistics, 2011-14 112. Table 3.44 Summary of Turkey's protection of intellectual property rights, 2015 114. Table 3.45 Membership in international agreements, conventions and treaties, 2015 117


 · Web viewIn addition to fees for customs clearance, there are charges for customs escort and storage under Law No. 311-FZ of 27 November 2010 (last amended on 13 July 2015), which states that fees for customs transactions are limited to the approximate price of the services provided and shall not exceed Rub 100,000 (Table 3.7).

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